Yoga Studio

Joseph couldn’t tell which was more humiliating, the fact that he was caught cheating and his wife secretly signed him up for the Feminia institute where he was fed estrogen pills daily, forced to take classes on femininity, and conditioned to weargirls clothes. Or the fact that when he came home, he was demoted to secretary at his job and became the laughing stock of his entire office, forced to take a huge pay cut and being demoted to “coffee girl”. Or the fact that whenever he went to his daily yoga classes he had to live with the fact that his boss was now dating his wife and there was nothing he could do about it but watch the two kiss as his wife join him for his yoga classes. Any of the three scenarios could be embarrassing, and there was nothing he could do about the situation.

Plus Size Model

Dylan was a young body builder who loved to pick on chubby women and accused them all of being lazy, entitled, piggies who couldn’t be bothered to put down the cake. He even put a dead pig on top of a chubby girl’s car as revenge for her calling him out for his abrasive behavior. However Dylan, realizing he wasn’t getting the results he wanted for competition turned to steroids. However to his shock, he didn’t start growing muscles but noticed the fat growing around his chest and his butt. Realizing his career would be over if he was caught using steroids he refused to go to the doctor until it got so bad that he was becoming noticeably chubbier and growing boobs. When he arrived at the doctor and presented the steroids he had been taking and the doctor informed him that they weren’t steroids but estrogen pills, combined with his high caloric diet he was actually gaining fat rather than the muscle he wanted. He cut off the estrogen pills but the damage was already done, he lost his jo…

Update: Created a Patreon

Hi, as you might know, I don't post or create captions as often as I should on this blog (I don't even know how to really classify this blog because I do so many different types of captions). Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know I created a patreon for 2 reasons:
1. For motivation to create more captions
2. For feedback from my readers

I only have 1 tier which is $3 a month, every month I'll make each patreon a personalized caption and either post it publically or simply make it for them (their wishes). The caption can include any picture (except obvious illegal stuff) and any basic story outline to their liking.

If you're interested here's the link:

If you don't want to donate or you can't afford to, that's fine, I would appreciate more comments/feedbacks so I can know which captions work best. However this is just another option if you're looking for personalized captions.

Gender Role Reversal Island: Ashton the Rapper


Political Ad for the Gynarchy Political Party

Jake was your stereotypical high school juvenile, on the verge of failing out of high school, smoking weed on the weekends and repeatedly getting into fight. It wasn’t until the legislation passed that he was shipped to reformation academy and out came a sweet and submissive boy. Now he’s even planning to go to college where he can find the perfect wife to take care of him. Support your local gynarchy party today. Turning bad men into good boys.


Script Nobody would ever predict that a girl like Koneko would end up in this situation, aside from her few friends of course. Koneko was a 18 year old senior in high school in Japan. She came from a very wealthy and prominent family and based on her college entry exams she was headed for a good career. However, she had gotten wrapped in a cult, a cult that stated that due to the elites, Japan had become too weak of a country to survive and that the only way to enlighten the people was to overthrow the politicians at the top. This rhetoric later led Koneko to join their terrorist movement with the hopes of taking over Japan, but later Asian as a whole. She rose to the top, becoming second-in-command after only a few years, and had extensive knowledge of their weapon supplies, members, and their next targets. However, a mission went wrong and she was separated from her team. She later found herself surrounded by dozens of military officers. 
She promised the leader that if surrounded …

Wedding Day

“I can’t believe this is actually happening to us” Brian said as he continued to walk forward down the alleyway while Amazonian women clapped and cheered. “Just shut up and accept it, it’s your fault we’re even in this mess” Jamie stated angrily as he continued to walk forward. Despite wearing a business suit, he felt ridiculous, due to his newfound slender and skinny feminine body plus the high heels on his shoes. The hoop earrings on his ears also weren’t helping. Brian and Jamie were originally two up and coming businessmen, they had been best friends since college and after graduating they soon established themselves as moguls as they began to make a name for themselves in the entertainment and fashion industry. However everything changed when Brain was caught filming his female employees and the models while they changed. The scandal soon spread wide and the once up and coming successful millionaires found themselves penniless in a few months, to the point where they were selling …